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Requirements to be met by Scorpion employees :

  • Age: From 25-45 years.
  • Employee should pass the physical examination required.
  • Employee should have sufficient experience in guard and security work.
  • Good appearance and height appropriate for weight.
  • Employee should have a Security Employee License according to Security Verification from the Official Security Authorities.
  • Firm willingness to work within the Scorpion Security Team.
  • Employee should have received proper training course at Scorpion Training Centre prior to commencement of field work

Courses to be taken by employee prior to commencement of work :

  • Physical fitness
  • First aid
  • Handling explosives
  • Fire arms – Shooting
  • Patrols
  • Escort caravans and guards
  • Personal guard
  • Protecting materials
  • Protecting installations, offices, and establishments
  • Self-defense movements
  • Public safety
  • All Company personnel of both sexes should take an English Language Course on the basic communication skills so that they will be able to deal with foreigners.