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Scorpion is an international security guard company with branches throughout the world and is located in the Kingdom of Jordan.

It has acquired all the licenses needed from the official authorities to operate in Jordan, and has been founded to provide integrated solutions to its customers around the world and in the Middle East.

In fact
Scorpion extended security, protection, and public safety to a large number of major installations around the world along with the guard service for transporting funds, jewelry, and precious metals.

Scorpion employees are experts and skilled in the field of personal guard and security and self defense, and have also been qualified to meet the market needs of each area.

Scorpion has also delivered training to its employees in terms of using devices and equipments designed for installations control and protection.

Scorpion is capable of providing its customers with the state-of-the-art security technology needed to extend the best security services.


Put all our security expertise at the disposal of our customers and use state-of-the-art security technology to provide excellent security services.


- Scorpion
worth your trust as a professional security guard company in Jordan.

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